AI Assisted Content Creation Workshop


Harness the power of new technology
Help your business save time and money with AI content tools

Leverage the tools to rebirth your business marketing

In this 2-hour, entertaining and hands-on workshop, we'll cover the following key areas:

  • Know why AI is your ally – Understand the benefits of choosing the best tool to solve the right problem
  • Discover tips, ideas and pointers to help unlock AI’s potential
  • Understand tools like BARD and ChatGPT to create quality content in a fraction of the time
  • Discover how to train the AI to know your avatar using a mega prompt
  • Plan to win – Map out what content to create (e.g. blog article, social media post, webpage or email) for maximum effect
  • Create your most important piece of content and get it to market faster

You won’t suffer death by PowerPoint – you'll get to “learn and enjoy” working on your business with me by your virtual side!

Your active participation means you'll leave the workshop empowered with practical, tested knowledge you can apply immediately to your future or existing content while leveraging these tools so you can maximise your output and time saved!


I’m including The Easy Content Creation Method workshop (available online for $71.00) which gives you more power when working with your AI assistant. Once you complete the payment you'll be taken a secret page where you can get started right away.

It includes:

    • A simple method to unpack your knowledge into a business mind map
    • A tool to help you find what your avatar is searching for online to find you
    • How to use the top two search engines to validate and confirm your content topics are relevant
    • Discover a simple copy writing formula that'll help you nail your social media posts, emails, blogs and more with ease


    • I’ll also walk you through designing graphics using Canva to give your social media content a personalised boost

Seating is limited to a maximum of 10
which ensures each participant gets the most out of the learnings
So book your seat now!

Join me in an interactive conversation about AI content creation

I’m excited to show you how you can be a smarter business content creator.

Stay Healthy & Happy
Lyndi MacRae

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Lyndi knows how to provide a holistic end-to-end solution for your online business needs. Over the years, she's tested and tried multiple systems and platforms and has a proven results-driven process to help you do business online easier, more efficiently and most -importantly - to deliver a happy ending for your prospects and customers.

Lyndi MacRae, The Business Intuitive

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Author, Business Mentor and Coach, Trainer and Influencer, Lyndi MacRae's #1 best-selling book, “In Demand B.O.S.S.”, is the foundation for her products and services that can support businesses to get organised, generate value and save time.

Lyndi works with authors, coaches, consultants and practitioners, providing holistic business growth solutions to create greater efficiencies in processes and systems.

Serving her knowledge and experience with heart and in fun and engaging ways, Lyndi specialises in areas such as:

  • Cost-efficient tech stack & systems integration
  • Website development, digital and e-marketing
  • Online course creation & membership platforms
  • Group Coaching Program Development
  • Smart Client Management & Business Automation
  • Sales Process and the Customer Journey

If you’re ready to start learning how to be the BOSS of your business, reach out to Lyndi for an open and honest consultation.

AI: Your content creation ally
Join Lyndi MacRae for the AI Assisted Content Creation workshop that helps you understand and practice with the latest content generation tools to efficiently produce quality content about your business...