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Lyndi MacRae, The Business Intuitive

“In Demand B.O.S.S. puts it all into perspective, creating and supporting businesses with systems that work. Unique in its approach, this book will help you build and reach a global audience. This book is a must-read, follow it to the letter, and you’ll have the foundation for your business you’ve always dreamed of.” - Sandy B Simmons

Author, Business Mentor and Coach, Trainer and Influencer, Lyndi MacRae's #1 best-selling book, “In Demand B.O.S.S.”, is the foundation for her products and services that can support businesses to get organised, generate value and save time.

Lyndi works with authors, coaches, consultants and practitioners, providing holistic business growth solutions to create greater efficiencies in processes and systems.

Serving her knowledge and experience with heart and in fun and engaging ways, Lyndi specialises in areas such as:

  • Cost-efficient tech stack & systems integration
  • Website development, digital and e-marketing
  • Online course creation & membership platforms
  • Group Coaching Program Development
  • Smart Client Management & Business Automation
  • Sales Process and the Customer Journey

If you’re ready to start learning how to be the BOSS of your business, reach out to Lyndi for an open and honest consultation.

Lyndi knows how to provide a holistic end-to-end solution for your online business needs. Over the years she's tested and tried multiple systems and platforms and has a proven results driven process to help you do business online easier, more efficiently and most importantly - to deliver a happy ending for your prospects and customers. Make it easy to do business with you online by becoming a B.O.S.S. Master.