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stepping stone journey to reach the desired destination

The Fun Guide to Mapping Your Customer Journey

As a holistic business owner, your heart is set on healing and helping others thrive. But when it comes to marketing and sales, it can sometimes feel like you’re lost in a maze. Let’s make this easy and fun with a concept called the "customer journey"—a clear path that leads potential clients from curious newcomers to loyal advocates. It’s like laying out a 'stepping stone' map that leads to a destination where your business can flourish.

What Is the Customer Journey, Anyway?

Put simply, the customer journey is a roadmap that takes a potential client through three main stages, each with their own set of steps:

1. Collect: Attracting Your Ideal Clients

  1. Target: Imagine your perfect clients. Who are they, what problems do they have, and how can your services help them heal and grow?
  2. Attract: This is where you make your first impression. Use friendly, clear messages to attract their attention. Whether it’s through social media posts, blogs, or word-of-mouth, find ways to connect with them where they are
  3. Capture: Give them a reason to stay in touch, like offering a free downloadable resource or inviting them to sign up for your email list

2. Convert: Turning Interest into Action

  1. Engage: Once they’ve shown interest, keep them hooked with useful information. Share stories, tips, and advice that help them see your value and build trust
  2. Offer: When the time is right, present them with an offer that matches their needs, like a special discount, a free consultation, or an invitation to a webinar
  3. Close: Make it easy for them to say yes by keeping your booking or purchasing process simple and clear

3. Create: Delivering and Delighting

  1. Deliver: This is where you fulfill your promises. Provide an outstanding experience that meets or exceeds their expectations
  2. Impress: Go the extra mile to make them feel special. A personalised thank-you note, a follow-up email to check in, or exclusive offers can leave a lasting impression
  3. Multiply: Encourage your satisfied clients to spread the word. Happy clients can help you reach new potential clients by sharing their positive experiences online and offline

How Mapping This Out Helps Your Business
Mapping out your customer journey doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about documenting what you’re already doing and finding ways to make it better. Doing this can help you:

    • Boost Sales: When you know the steps your clients go through, you can make each step better, turning more prospects into customers
    • Streamline Processes: Mapping helps you spot where you can use tools like Keap CRM to automate repetitive tasks
    • Improve Customer Experience: A well-planned journey ensures that every interaction with your clients is consistent and positive

Real-World Joy
Let’s take Sarah, a holistic coach who was overwhelmed by marketing. After reading my book, 'In Demand Boss,' she mapped out her customer journey and discovered simple tweaks that transformed her business. By engaging with clients at the right moments, she increased sales and now sees steady growth and a stream of satisfied clients.

Getting Started Is Simple and Fun!
Ready to start mapping your journey and see your business thrive? Download your own personal customer journey workbook to get started, and if you need more guidance, book a free call with me to chat about how to make your business journey even more joyful.

With this roadmap, you can guide your clients from their first interaction to becoming loyal advocates. So set your GPS to “Business Growth,” and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

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